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 Moogie Fünke

A Creative Presence

With a background in music education, a history of playing in bands and an inability to sit still, Moogie Fünke (aka Brian Duggan) was left feeling empty during the pandemic, as jam sessions had become a thing of the past. With friends and family isolating themselves, the desire to play music does not go away. So, Moogie Funke took to the internet and tackled the task of learning electronic music. 

Fast forward one year later - Moogie Funke's debut album, "A New Version Emerges", hits all streaming platforms, January 26th. 

In the music world, there’s no standing still. You must constantly strive to evolve, with the purpose of offering something unique to devoted fans and followers. They find inspiration wherever they look and channel whatever moves them into their music.

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